U Have To Be A Millionaire!
The Next Generation Private Portable Finance Portal

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'U Have To Be A Millionaire!' is your personal portal to a wealth of on-line financial information. 
This is a full multimedia Internet application that delivers relevant data from hundreds of sources. 
From one single interface, you can track portfolios in real time and do the in-depth research required to profit. 

Rather than clicking endlessly through several financial Web sites, data is streamed straight to your desktop. 
The software offers straightforward advice from dozens of analysts. 
You'll gain insights into which investments are strong and weak. With a click of the "Update" button, you can receive the latest numbers 
from the financial markets. You can monitor several groups of stocks and transactions, and view detailed statistics for each. 

Read customizable reports that can include everything from annual income statements to earning estimates. 
Explore various charts, the latest "gossip," and calculators to consider your options.

Once you've looked over the facts, find out what the business press has to say. 
You can connect directly to dozens of financial and other specialized Web sites. 
Using the built-in RealPlayer viewer, you can watch the latest video and audio broadcasts. 
If don't trust the press, you can communicate with other investors just like you. 
'U Have To Be A Millionaire!' provides quick access to message boards, Usenet newsgroups and on-line chats. 
The pure intellectual capital that this software provides can't be beat.

If Web sites and TV shows don't quite offer the knowledge you need, give 'U Have To Be A Millionaire!' a try. 
It's a hack of a tool for making sound investments.

Merge all the Internet abilities, software characteristic and the power of human analysts into one super software to get the ultimate finance tool for FREE!

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