November 29 - Dec 1, Bar Ilan University, Israel
We ask broad questions that over time we expect will become an important foundation of our research:
are there common generative mechanisms in music and mind that can account for the extreme diversity in music across culture and genre,
could they be modeled within a new theory, what it would take to get there, and if so, what are the implications on art, science, and creative expression?

Please contact us if you are interested to participate, attend, or would like additional details.
We will update the program, speakers, and concerts shortly.

Wednesday, November 29

10:00-11:30, Session 1: Vision
o Vision: where are we going, why, challenges, and plan to get there
12:00- 14.00, Session 2: Generative Mechanisms in music and mind
o Generative Mechanisms in relation to music theory, perception, cognition, emotion, and context
15:00-16:30, Round Table / Brainstorm 1: Expanding Creative Bounds
o Composer forum: Expressing creative expression: past, present and future.
What can we improve? How can we get there? Does this even require new technology? How?
17:00-18:30, Open Rehearsal with Meitar Ensemble
o Composer Jonathan Berger

• Thursday, November 30

10:00-11:30, Session 3: Creation and Experience: the individual, genre, and culture
o What is in common and what changes due to culture, genre, and the individual
12:00- 14.00, Session 4: Media Platform
o Towards a Media Platform of the future: why, what and how?
15:00-16:30, Round Table / Brainstorm 2: Envisioning new approaches for creative expression
o Approaches to building technologies that will assist creative expression
17:00-18:30, Open Rehearsal with Meitar Ensemble
o Composer Georg Hajdu
19:00-20:30, Concert with Meitar Ensemble
o One of the Highlights of the conference

• Friday, December 1

9:30 - 10:15, Breakout Sessions
o Teams of intersected participants discuss topics brought up and made public during the conference
10:30 - 11:30, Round Table 3: Summary
o Summary of Conference & Breakout sessions -- different points-of-view
11:30-12:30, Round Table 4: Operational Next Steps
o How to Make IRMaM successful: research, music, technlogy