Dr. Shai Cohen

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Shai Cohen

Born in Haifa (1968) working as a teacher, composer and jazz performer.

Shai, a recipient of the prestigious Israeli Prime Minister Award for Composers (2011), composes symphonic music, chamber music, electronic music, and music for solo instruments. 
Shai has won the 2010 ACUM Prize for his work "Echoes of Eternity" -Fantasia for violin solo and orchestra. Shai is the Chairman of the Israel Composers' League.

Among the performers of his music are distinguished musicians and ensembles like, SNU Symphony Orchestra (Korea), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (Moscow), Members of the BBC symphonic orchestra (Britain), Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Japan), Ensemble Kaprizma (Israel), Israel Contemporary Players, the Arab & Jewish ensembles of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra, Israel Sinfonietta orchestra of Beer-Sheva and others.



"Shai Cohen is revealed in his works submitted to us for perusal as a composer with a remarkable ability to inspire endowed to the listener the feelings and thoughts are so musical, powerful and convincing." 

-- Prime Minister's Award, Israel