Mashav released Consiglieri version 5.8

What's new in version 5.8?
More TV stations, More Radio
New 'Update All' function will update all groups with one click.
Consultation from NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE
Join the full service
Listen to radio broadcasts and watch TV programs through Consiglieri!
Hands free!
New XML reports., New error log option

The power of gossip

Do it with others - Consiglieri massage board link

What you can get with Consiglieri?


Mashav Released Consiglieri Version 5.8
As one of our customers told us: "I think that Consiglieri is a super software"
The new release of Consiglieri give you unbelievable amount of data and options.
Consiglieri version 5.8 have new futures like:
New Radio and TV stations. New indexes, new profiles and new data.
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Full service is up
Finally you can use the power of real human analysts. 
The Full Service is a profound human advisory which supply you with a very detailed information and current advises about the markets. 
Subscribe to this new astounding service and you will see the difference.
More TV stations, More Radio
We added more TV station and more Radio - more quality. 
Market data from NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE
Until now you could use the consultation reports only on one exchange. 
Now, with the new version of Consiglieri you have the ability to get and view the consult reports from all exchanges:
Listen to the news and prices
If you hand are busy , or you have a disability, or you just tired to use the computer, the Consiglieri suggest to you incredible option: Use you ears!
instead of watch sock prices, or read the latest news headlines - listen to them.
Let Consiglieri read to you the latest stock prices and news headline, while your hands remain free.
The power of gossip
The Consiglieri Gossip Explorer contact you to the real gossip in the Internet: 
The newsgroups.
Use the Gossip Explorer to check rumors and watch the latest discussions from finance groups.
New XML report, New error log 
Consiglieri join to the top technology today, and give you the ability to export reports into the new XML format.
Listen to radio broadcasts and watch TV shows. 
By the time you read data, Consiglieri broadcast to you the latest finance radio programs and TV shows.
This amazing option use real audio and real video, and let you informed by the latest broadcasts from the top leading stations in the world.


What's New in version 5.8

Version 5.8 - June 2000


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