What You Get With Consiglieri?

The Consiglieri give you the opportunity to get finance stocks, options, fund, or any market data quick and easy by using the Internet. 

With the Consiglieri you can follow financial radio or TV broadcasts at real time, or discover the Internet gossip through financial news groups.

The result is very easy to use, you can view, print or export: many reports, any kind of charts or graphs, news or prices, or you can use the built in speech engine and hear news and prices.

You can get free advices from human analyst or register to a full service.

If you know what to looking for, Consiglieri give you very powerful tool which give you the facility to explore stocks data by definitions.

Virtual portfolio hold your transactions and lots of tools make your life easier.

Consiglieri have unusual interface which give intuitive way to work. Unlike other regular systems, Consiglieri don't have to many bottoms, menus or complex interface. The use of Consiglieri is very easy and superb experience.

The Consiglieri handle lots of financial data from the Internet, but use it, it's very easy.
After you collect your favorite stocks symbol into groups, (or use the built- in symbol finder), all you have to do is select the data you want to download / watch / listen / view, and use, edit, print or export it.

The Consiglieri have lots of function. the most important is:

Full Function List

Stocks Data
Stock Information
Largest Mutual and Money Market Funds  
Largest Fund Families  
Technical Graphs
Ratios Graphs
Interactive Graphs
Group Charts
Radio & TV
Financial Radio & TV programs
Human Analysts
Free Weekly Advice
Full analysts service
Market Data
Daily Consultation
Market Indexes
Splits Summary
Option Market Summary
Stock Summary Report
Reports Engine & Exportation
News Sources Link
Coming Soon - Stay Tune
Online Communities 
Private Chat
Real Time Massages
Private News Paper
Virtual  Portfolio Management
Performance Stock Explorer
News Groups Engine
News Headlines & Prices Ticker
Speech Engine
Schedule Update
Stock Properties
Built In Email Engine
Automatic Problems Log
Built In Technical Support Submission 
Full Help
Hypnotic Help Mechanism

Stock Information

The Consiglieri grab record and show you any information for selected stocks.

Table of Contents

Daily Consultation
With Consiglieri you can see every day the most of everything:

Table of Contents

Market Indexes
Market indexes is the best way to follow the market:

US Market
  • Dow Jones Averages
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Nasdaq
  • Standard and Poor's
  • Other U.S. Indices
  • Treasury Securities (yield x10)
  • Commodities
World Markets
  • Americas
  • Asia/Pacific
  • Europe
  • Africa/Middle East

Everything you want to know about IPO's

  • Latest Data
  • News
  • Pricing
  • Gainers
  • Losers
  • Registrations
  • Withdrawals

Splits Summary
Everything you want to know about Splits

  • Today's Splits
  • This Week Splits
  • Next Week's Splits
  • Recently Announced Splits
  • Top Tech Splits


Option Market Summary
Everything you want to know about Option Market

  • Top Volume Leaders
  • Top Percentage Gainers
  • Top Percentage Losers


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Prices and latest fund data:

Largest Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Largest Convertible Bond Funds
  • Largest Growth Funds
  • Largest Equity Funds
  • Largest High-Yield Bond Funds
  • Largest Money Market Funds
  • Largest International Funds
  • Largest Precious Metals Funds  
Largest Fund Families
  • Smith Barney Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • AIM Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Benham Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Dean Witter Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Franklin/Templeton Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Fidelity Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Merrill Lynch Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Janus Mutual and Money Funds
  • Putnam Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Scudder Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Stagecoach Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Strong Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • T. Rowe Price Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Twentieth Century Mutual and Money Market Funds
  • Vanguard Mutual and Money Market Funds  


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Performance Stock Explorer
The Performance Stock Explorer (Screen) give you very powerful tool.
With this tool you can query the market and view stocks by definitions you select, easy as questionnaire filing.

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News Sources Link
You are link to the top leading news sources in the world:

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Charts Link
Everything you want to see in charts:

Volume, RSI, MACD, OBV, Fast Stochastic, Slow Stochastic, ROC, Williams, Money Flow, Vol Accumulation, Volatility Fast, Volatility Slow, Momentum, Ult Oscillator, % Short Interest, Rolling EPS, P/E Ratio, P/E Ranges, Rolling Dividend, Yield, Up/Down Ratio, Arms Index (TRIN), A/D Line (Breadth), A/D Line (Daily), % Compare SMA, SMA (2-Line), SMA (3-Line), EMA, EMA (2-Line), EMA (3-Line) MA Envelopes, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, Volume by Price, Price ChannelSplits, Earnings, Dividends, All Events, A/D Line Comparison to: S&P 500, DJIA, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, and Technology.

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Technical Graphs link
Technical graph give you the power to view graphs with special definitions. 

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Ratios Graphs Link
One of most exciting tool is the ratios graph explorer.
Use this tool to view graph with ratios definitions:

Book Value, Common Equity, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Debt/Equity Ratio, Depreciation, Dividends, Dividends Payout, EBIT, EPS, Long Term Debt, Interest Coverage Ratio, Net Income, P/E Ratio, Price/Book Ratio, Price/Sales Ratio, Profit Margin, Return on Equity, Return on Asset, Revenues, Shares Out.

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Interactive Graphs
You link to a real time interactive java graph, by one click.

Group Charts
Any selected stock, link you to the whole section, and let you view it as chart or report:

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News Groups Engine
Internal news groups engine that let you follow finance new groups gossip.

Stock Summary Report
With the stock summary report  you will export and printout special report that include all stock information
You can select the parts that you want to be in this special report.
The report is in HTML format so, it's dynamic and can link to the web.

The Stock summary include: 

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Reports Engine & Exportation
The Report Engine & Exportation is one of the most important utility Consiglieri have.
With this engine Consiglieri have compatibility to any many important software's.
So, if you use Excel or any other program, the Consiglieri give you the ability to export reports to the other software's.

List of formats:

Format Software NameExistence
HTML Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape etc.Yes
Tab Delimited Text-Yes
Comma Delimited Text-Yes
Quicken Quicken pre 5.0Yes
Quicken Quicken 5.0 Or LaterYes
MetaStock MetaStock Yes
Quote LinkQuote LinkYes
Prodigy Prodigy QuotetrackYes
XLS Microsoft ExcelYes
Microsoft MoneySoon
MDB Microsoft AccessSoon
DOC Microsoft WordSoon
Oracle Soon
Microsoft SQL Server Soon
EML Microsoft Mail Soon
Clipboard Yes

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Free Weekly Advice
Get the knowledge of human analyst for free by using the free weekly advice and tips to understand the market better .

Full Service
The Full Service is a profound human advisory which supply you with a very detailed information and current advises about the markets. 
Click here for details

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Speech Engine
The Consiglieri take you to the 22 century. Don't use your hands - just Listen top news headlines and prices in  real time.

Financial Radio & TV programs
While working on Consiglieri you can hear the latest financial news broadcast or you can watch financial TV programs, in real time, through the Internet.

Consiglieri give you the top leading and most important radio & TV stations in the world:

Radio Broadcasts:

Station NameProgram
Bloomberg Radio Financial
Launch Live
World and National
Morning Show
ABS Stock Market BroadcastsRegular market updates from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Henry Weingarten
Seidner's Market Wisdom
Bruce Cady
Steve Frenkel's Macro Report
Liberty Research
The S Report
InternetNews Radio 
Let's Talk Business Radio 
Daily Rocket 
AV Daily News 
BBC News 

TV broadcasts:

Station NameProgram
Bloomberg Television Financial
Launch Live
Stock Picks
Financial TimesNews update
Opening business
Bonds roundup
Investor Online 

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Schedule Update
Use the automatic schedule to update data on time.
you can use auto update form seconds to days.

The Zoom utility give you easy view on reports.

With alerts you can set high and low price alerts.
If the stock will fall down or raise above this alerts you will have a visual alert.

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Stock Properties
Stock properties is special little form which include the whole stock prices.
You can minimize this forms and arrange them in an amazing way that you haven't seen before.

News & Prices Ticker
The Consiglieri ticker let you informed on news headlines and stock price change in real time.
In one click you will see the full story.
This element is very useful for streaming data while you work on reports for example.

Built In Email Engine
Would you like to send Emil quick? or confirm us on a bug? or maybe you want to feedback us, or send mail to your friend. the Consiglieri give you fast solution - built in E-mail engine.
Just select from menu and you can send mail fast without wasting time on opening slow Email software's.

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Automatic Problems Log
When problem occur, the Consiglieri write the error in to a log file. (You can stop this action).
By hitting one bottom you can send the error log to us. we will analyze it, and find the best solution for you.

Full Help
Consiglieri support full help system.

Built In Technical Support Form
If you have any problem or technical question, you don't have to surf to Mashav web area no more.
Now from inside Consiglieri, select the Technical Support form, answer the questions and hit Submit.
In 24 hours, we will get your massage and reply to you via E-mail with full support.

Hypnotic Help Mechanism
Need help? Don't shoot anyone! Consiglieri bring to you the best solution to bad days - The Relaxing system.

Just open the relaxing system, put your hand behind your head and.. Click here to download Consiglieri to see what's happening.

 Go download it NOW



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